REDFORD -- At a time when Sunday continues to be the most segregated day of the week, two churches in Redford are coming together in a rare showing of unity. 


“God is doing a great thing by uniting a predominately white church and a predominately black church,” said Pastor Roderick Revels.  “God is breaking down walls by uniting these two very distinct congregations.” 


Divine Revelation Christian Church and Christ Church, both of Redford, will unite as one body of believers on April 1, 2012. A joint service of celebration will take place at 10:15 a.m. on that day.


“This has been a slow yet steady process of God drawing these congregations together,” said Pastor Mark Einem.  “Both churches are stable, Christ-worshipping, God-serving churches, yet their leadership has heard the Lord calling them to unite.  There was not any evident need for the churches to do this, but God had a plan to put together people who love Him and desire to serve Him in spite of their differences.”


Revels (Divine Revelation) and Einem (Christ Church) will be co-pastors of the new church, to be called Christ Church of Redford.  The church is located at 14350 Wormer – one block west of Telegraph at Acacia between Schoolcraft and Five Mile.


“This is not a matter of one church overtaking another,” said Einem, “but rather a joining of two groups of believers with the intent to become one new church representing the cultures of both churches.”


The two churches initiated their relationship in 2005 when Divine Revelation began using Christ Church’s sanctuary for its Sunday service. The two churches began to collaborate on various programs and gradually were led to unite as one body of believers.  The leadership of both churches agree that this is something done by God and not by men.